1. General validity

When placing an order, the customer who orders something agrees to the following General Terms of Business. Any terms or conditions contrary to the terms stipulated hereinafter have to be agreed in writing, and are subject to written confirmation. The failure to object shall not be deemed an approval.

2. Conclusion of a contract

The sales contract between us and the ordering party shall become effective when such order is approved by us per e-mail. This approval will contain once more the designation of the ordered items and the price.

3. Payment

The prices at the time of the order are valid. Payment shall be advanced payment or PayPal.

4. Delivery

Delivery abroad is subject to the valid list or upon agreement. We reserve the right to choose the most favourable way of delivery. We guarantee a delivery time of not more than 30 days for all articles, except for those made to customer's specification. In exceptional cases delivery may be effected within a reasonable time of not more than 60 days. In such case the buyer will be informed by us. Any other agreements as to the delivery shall be stipulated in writing. Any unforeseeable impediment to performance, such as cases of force majeure, interruption of operations etc. shall give us the right to withdraw, in whole or in part, from the supply commitment. Any claims for damages because of delayed supply shall be excluded. Partial deliveries are admissible.

5. Right to cancel the order or to return goods of the ordering party

The customer who orders something will not be bound to his declaration of agreement to the sales contract if he cancels the order within 2 weeks upon receipt of the first delivery. It is not necessary to give reasons for the cancellation, but it has to be done in writing, with mail or e-mail (eshop@bucephalandraeu.com). To meet the deadline, it will be sufficient to send the cancellation of the order in time to:

ENKI EU s.r.o., Jaderná 2, Trnava 917 01, Slovakia SK

The right of the ordering party to cancel the order does not apply to goods that have been made to customer's specification, or where it is obvious that the goods have been specially tailored to his personal needs, or goods that are not suitable to be sent back due to its nature, or that might become spoiled quickly (especially water plants). If you use the goods before returning them, we have the right to withhold that part of the price, provided by law, for the loss of value by such usage. This can be avoided by returning the goods unused and in the original packing.

6. Complaint and liability, warranty

In general, the statutory warranty period of 24 months shall apply. Otherwise we give a guarantee that corresponds to the terms of guarantee offered by the respective manufacturer. Warranty claims may only be made by the direct buyer. The guarantee is always limited to the respective item, and is effected by repair or exchange, at our choice. We do not take responsibility for any damage due to improper handling or usage, as well as defects due to normal wear and tear. Furthermore, we reject to take any responsibility for indirect losses. We shall not be liable for the accuracy of any technical data or any other information not particularly referred to by us. We reserve the right to make technical modifications in the sense of progress or to generally improve the products.

7. Right of property

The goods shall remain our unmarketable property until full payment of the price is made. The right of property also includes any interest or ancillary costs accruing from the obligation to pay the goods. Any right to retain or to set off the payment shall be excluded.

8. Transport damage

Deliveries will be insured only on request. The insurance fee will be added to the shipping costs. The goods have to be checked for completeness and any defects immediately on delivery. Any transport damage has to be reported within 24 hours to the respective shipping company. It is not permissible to set off any payments against the claims due to damages upon delivery.

9. Data protection

As stipulated by the Data Protection Act, we advise that any data from business trans-actions is being stored. Upon customer's request this data is deleted. Passing on this data to third parties is not allowed.

10. Final provision

In case any of the above provisions become void, for whatever reason, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected. Wherever applicable (e.g. among merchants), Aue shall be the place of juristiction for any disputes araising from this contact between the costumer and the company ENKI EU s.r.o.

ENKI EU s.r.o., Jaderná 2, Trnava 917 01, Slovakia SK